It may sound weird, but it’s not that crazy. Use Lego as a learning tool. Roc van Twente’s Entrepreneurial Lab organized a full lesson where students started working with lego bricks.

The students of the construction of ROC van Twente were given a special lesson about trading. They started trading with lego bricks. This was done using Learning Games. Beforehand, the students had to take a test to examine their material skills. On the basis of this test, the students are divided into different groups with different tasks. For example, one was tasked with buying and selling lego bricks and the other had to convert the stones into a tower. These towers have different values. Because there was a competition attached to it, the winning student was awarded the special lego tower as a prize.

From context to concept

These lessons are intended to learn from practice. So you learn by doing the theory. For example, the students indicated that they learned to work together, negotiate, sales and network. The design of the lesson made the students enthusiastic and active.