Crossborder Action Learning Entrepreneurship
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Intellectual Output 1:


International Entrepeneurial Lab & Network

International Entrepreneurial Lab(s) & Network  (IEL&N)  

Plan of requirements of the international Entrepreneurial Lab(s) & Network

Product: outlines including description of functionalities, role definition partners and a road map on how to stepwise create such an international lab network

Elements to be covered:

  1. the determination of functionalities of the International Entrepreneurial Lab(s) and Network (first draft: see below)
  2. network development: description of the roles and responsibilities for the network partners involved  educational and social partners (businesss support centers); do’s and dont’s
  3. roadmap – based on the functionalities (a) and the description of roles and responsinilities(b) -for implementing the (virtual) International Entrepreneurial Lab(s) & Network in in the regional and international settings

Especially taking into account the challenges to make it work in the diversity of international training contexts.


An active operating International Entrepreneurial Lab(s) & Network (IELN) is needed for supporting transnational entrepreneurial learning for the target groups: services / structures that make cooperation, networking (including network creation and strategies) and peer-learning activities possible.

Transnational education with joint cross border coaching, training and guidance needs an International Entrepreneurial Network to support the target group’s transnational entrepreneurial mindset and competence development.

A powerful learning by doing environment, @home and on the spot in the target country ( D,NL,A) in which all necessary expertise and support will be offered and access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem is guaranteed.

An educational environment where experimental methods can be applied on teaching and learning entrepreneurship: real world assignments, serious games, guest lectures of successful entrepreneurs, workshops


  • connecting stakeholders (education and the World of Work) involved in international entrepreneurial skills
  • development and in stimulating entrepreneurial activities – as well as efficient entrepreneurship education across borders        
  • organizing the necessary networks in the regions and create effective support for students / starting entrepreneurs
  • offering specific information on national legislation and regulations on entrepreneurial behavior as well as expertise on financing constructions
  • supporting International Student Companies (ISC): the enthusiastic excellent student(s) (level 2-4 EQF) with the correct attitude, developing the own business idea: it is also possible that more students work together in one Student Company complementing each other – as buddies
  • coordinating study and internship mobility for students. Study- and internship mobility will be part of the learning line( to be developed ) with the aim of enabling the student(s) to develop international entrepreneurial competences on the spot or – as a starting entrepreneur(s) in the target country – to develop the business on the spot
  • intercultural and linguistic competence development is also high on the agenda in the learning line.             

a pre-phase of entrepreneurial activities that can be embedded as start-ups in regional incubators, to support a next educational step of our students in higher educational institutions

Innovative elements

  • international network of entrepreneurial labs providing support and training for VET- students who want to develop their international entrepreneurial skills on internationally shared standards          
  • maximum support in the regions from the whole entrepreneurial cycle with full access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • innovative entrepreneurship education where students are actually in an international context working on real life assignments from the entrepreneurial networks or running their start-up businesses; focus on activities, on learning by doing
  • developing a cross border shared vision on international entrepreneurship education to be deployed in a (partly) joint curriculum            
  • creating effective study and internship mobility, recognition of credits @home included

Expected Impact 

  • network of well-equipped International Entrepreneurial labs (A, NL, D) will be realized fitting into the educational structures and the entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • practical cross border entrepreneurship education in action: 30 students (project), after implementation: 50 students/year
  • 10 International Student Companies (project) will be started and be successful in an international context


Final result: good practice:

the Intellectual Outputs can help in creating strong new entrepreneurial Lab Networks in a very efficient way in other regions/ contexts as well connecting educational and entrepreneurial partners ( in Europe , Asia, the States, Africa etc)

What we are working at...

Intellectual Outputs of the Project

EntreComp: new educational concept

EntreComp as the basis for active entrepreneurship education

The International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

supported by a multimedia data base within the virtual European Ecomlab fitting in the ECVET system

Teacher/Tutor training

for the project team and the participants of the participating organizations

Our aim is to create a good practice for transnational learning and  provides arguments to fit transnational entrepreneurship learning and teaching in the regular education budgets. Transnational cooperation is deepened within the participating networks,  expanding and integrating new partner networks of new regions can be a next step stimulating transnational education.