Objective of the project

The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable international educational infrastructure for intermediate students to identify and activate transnational entrepreneurial opportunities, realised by the participating educational organisations and supported by their specific regional networks, using existing entrepreneurial teaching capacities for an International Entrepreneurial Lab Network (IELN). ).

A virtual European Ecomlab will be created as a transnational context supporting new flexible – partly cross-border – learning paths based on the EntreComp concept fitting into three educational VET cultures of the participants.

Nowadays, most entrepreneurial start-ups are done by secondary vocational education and training (MBO), mainly based on local opportunities without a transnational or international perspective.

To identify transnational or international opportunities, a different mindset is needed and specific learning paths must be communicated in a multimedia way that fits the mindset of this generation.


The context is a further collaboration of transnational education of the educational organizations:

ROC van Twente (NL) ,
HLW Kufstein (A) ,
Berufskolleg Niederberg (D)
strongly connected in their regional entrepreneurial ecosystems:

ROZ Hengelo (NL),
Wirtschaftskammer Tirol (A)
All three are vocational schools, secondary level, which offer vocational training levels 2 – 4 and 5 that prepare trainees for jobs related to a specific subject, profession or occupation focused on their regional labour market.