HLW Kufstein

The HLW Kufstein is one of the first multicultural schools in the „European Region of Tyrol and Trentino Alto Adige“(Austria) with pupils of several nations, different cultures.

European Studies and International Relations

We are the only vocational school in Tyrol who offers training courses in European Studies and International Relations, which play a big role in school.

Previously HLW Kufstein utilizes methods of social researches, narrative interviews, workshops, group work, and questionnaires. We have formulated didactic and pedagogical principles in accordance with the philosophical and theoretical basis taking into account all educational consequences. As a result, we expect for our students to develop a deepening of basic skills in communicative and medial aspect and increased civic engagement.

We are the only vocational school in Tirol who offers on a training course in European law, European Studies and International Relation, which always plays a big role in school. Experiences from this curriculum, we would like to pass on to our international partners.

Through the European department of the school, the school has also experience in bilingual subject teaching.

Austrian Certificate for Entrepreneurship Education

In 2017 we acquired the Austrian Certificate for Entrepreneurship Education, which aims at:

  • developing education and training curricula,
  • programmes on digital competences,
  • developing non-formal and work based programmes and training to support the development of digital competences,
  • target setting for digital education and training to support digital skills and competences,
  • developing tools for assessment of entrepreneurial skills and competences,
  • developing conditions for students to implement business-ideas,
  • organizing the annual “entrepreneurship day” at school with presentations and workshops (e.g. “social entrepreneurship” together with Red Cross Austria in 2017, “Money!” together with several institutions and organizations (Banks, Investors, start-up-companies, Entrepreneurs) in 2019,
  • documentation of activities in an annual reports.


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