ROZ – Hengelo

The municipality of Hengelo has placed all its entrepreneurial support activities in a separate foundation: the ROZ-Groep

ROZ (regional support for the self-employed) is a partner that focuses on supporting entrepreneurs in the Twente and Achterhoek regions. ROZ advises, guides and supports entrepreneurs in the start-up phase as well as in the follow-up. They do this by offering supporting programs, training and coaching, and by providing resources and papers.



Since the ROZ partners are strongly connected to the local authorities, they know the local and regional market.

ROZ operates in the middle of an extensive administrative and entrepreneurial network. Due to its independent position, the ROZ is an ideal partner to connect with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

The ROZ is also involved in this KA2 project because the highly spcialized business coaches are linked to most of the local companies. There is a lot of expertise with regard to personal guidance. That is why supporting student companies and start-ups has been a great success . This has been demonstrated in recent years.

ROZ will be assigned the role of coach – supervisor of student entrepreneurs, whereby project leader and business advisor Bert Breukers joins in from the beginning , later on followed by fellow business consultants.

What we are working at…

Intellectual Outputs of the Project

International Entrepeneurial Lab Network (IELN)

EntreComp: new educational concept

EntreComp as the basis for active entrepreneurship education

The International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

supported by a multimedia data base within the virtual European Ecomlab fitting in the ECVET system

Teacher/Tutor training

for the project team and the participants of the participating organizations

Our aim is to create a good practice for transnational learning and  provides arguments to fit transnational entrepreneurship learning and teaching in the regular education budgets. Transnational cooperation is deepened within the participating networks,  expanding and integrating new partner networks of new regions can be a next step stimulating transnational education.