The C-ALearn project comes to an end!

And how incredibly cool it was! A total of 3 full weeks working on international entrepreneurship, internationalization and working on an international labor market!

At a glance:

  • Week 1, in Hengelo!
    Getting to know the foreign students and hoping that the click is­čĄ×­čĆ╗ there That was there; and how! We also started brainstorming about our #businesscase. On Thursday we were allowed to present before a jury for an investment in the company!
  • Week 2, in Kufstein!
    Continue working on our business case. We knew each other so we were on 1 line! Inspiration sessions about VR and #marketing at the WKO Ober├Âsterreich! What an experience. Help from professionals to further shape our idea.
  • Week 3, in Velbert!
    Finances, what does it actually cost you to break even? And how do you convert this into profit? This was very cool and gave so much insight into what you have been doing. At the end, big pitching and a winner was rolled out.

Overall, we did a Lego game every week. Week 1 was this scanning, week 2 we were going to speed up the process and week 3, yes, we added money!

In short, what a great educational process and #project! I haven’t even mentioned speaking English and personal developments…

Organization, thanks! I would say a resounding YES if another project like this were done by Erasmus+.

Jesse Wissink, participant C-Alearn