Crossborder Action Learning Entrepreneurship
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Intellectual Output 1:


Toolbox: International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

An educational toolbox – virtual data base – supporting the implementation of International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathways.


  • design model Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway
  • multimedia data base supporting the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway (process and content)
  • manual


To support and activate the transnational entrepreneurial learning pathway for VET-students specific educational infrastructure is needed.

The participating educational organizations normally prepare trainees for jobs focusing in on their regional labour market. A transnational integrated learning pathway is not present for these vocational schools, secondary level, providing vocational training Levels 2 – 4 and 5.

To activate and motivate to participate in an International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway, content is needed for open- online- digital education – E-learning course / modules that fit in the mindset of VET- students: visualize action learning.

See an initial design model of the project partners – EntreComp related – “From research to Implementation of Entrepreneurial Education.

A virtual European Ecomlab – a multimedia data base.
Documenting a transnationally educational concept for active entrepreneurship education based on EntreComp , fitting in the mindset of VET-students of the participating organizations. It is complementary to an active operating International Entrepreneurial Lab Network (IELN) that supports active transnational entrepreneurial learning for the target groups. It contributes to a new transnational educational infrastructure to communicate with very practical intermediate students.


Topics to be addressed in learning pathway development:

  • Intake procedure where candidates will be assessed by a transnational committee
  • interview
  • additional assessment tools
  • entrepreneurial competences – development points
  • behavioral style tests
  • language and intercultural competence test
  • Digital Practical Score Card: documenting the student’s development EntreComp based
  • Country specific modules
    – the special country-specific entrepreneurship culture
    – the associated network structure
    – laws and regulations
    – financing structures etc
  • Intercultural and linguistic development offering enriching modules
    – to offer language training in the country of origin or target country
  • International study and internship mobility

Innovative elements

  • A laboratory where tests can be conducted on learning entrepreneurship – Entrecomp based – as a guide line for the (sub)goals of learning a serious games context where the information of conducting such serious games are registered and collected, so this information can be used by each student to demonstrate, prove their individual entrepreneurial learning process.
    A Hands-on LEGO Entrepreneurial Simulation Game has been tested (LEARN Game, finalist at the ECGBL in Odense 2019) and will be developed further to register individual and collective entrepreneurship learning elements. Providing content for virtual European Ecomlab.
  • An educational environment where experimental methods can be applied on teaching and learning entrepreneurship: real world assignments, serious games, guest lectures of successful entrepreneurs, monitoring and supporting entrepreneurial learning processes by and advisory board of voluntary entrepreneurs or specialist to assure positive outcomes of the real-world assignments, workshops on creative thinking/ communication/soft skills development etc.
    A process operating under a joint vision translated into an appropriate learning pathway.
  • A test environment. The results of the entrepreneurial experiences referring to Entrecomp are digitally available. Especially the final presentation of assignments of the real world are available.
  • A pre-phase of entrepreneurial activities that can be embedded in regional incubators, for example of the next educational step of our students in higher educational institutions.

Expected Impact 

The international entrepreneurial learning pathway offers new opportunities for our intermediate students for international or transnational business careers. For our educational organizations “transnational learning” will be added to regular teaching and learning processes, creating new learning and teaching –transnational- opportunities in the mindset of all stakeholders.


Due to the virtual characteristic of the European Ecomlab, the experiences during the project can easily be shared and transferred. End result : good practice as a basic concept for new transnational entrepreneurship learning and teaching environment.

What we are working at...

Intellectual Outputs of the Project

EntreComp: new educational concept

EntreComp as the basis for active entrepreneurship education

The International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

supported by a multimedia data base within the virtual European Ecomlab fitting in the ECVET system

Teacher/Tutor training

for the project team and the participants of the participating organizations

Our aim is to create a good practice for transnational learning and  provides arguments to fit transnational entrepreneurship learning and teaching in the regular education budgets. Transnational cooperation is deepened within the participating networks,  expanding and integrating new partner networks of new regions can be a next step stimulating transnational education.