Crossborder Action Learning Entrepreneurship
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Intellectual Output 4:

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Program

Teachers, the critical success factor!

An absolute condition for the success of the new line is the professionalization of the international teams involved. The basis for success: the aim of the training must be to inform the teams about the background, results and outcomes of the project, more specific the intellectual Outputs 1-3 , and to train them in applying and implementing the developed products.

Product: Crash Course

Main focus

Main focus: to learn about the ins and outs of implementing the products in an international context.

Working as a teacher/trainer in this new context assumes a special attitude and competences: trainer being a coach, facilitator, the student is in charge of the learning process. Learning objectives are negotiated (not imposed), emphasis on practice / problem (instead of theory) ), the learning process organized according to need-to-know and Just-in-Time principles. Training team of which all members at least themselves have an international entrepreneurial mindset. 

In short: a train the trainer lesson cycle is developed and tested. Basic condition for success.


Topics to be addressed:

  • IO1: International Entrepreneurial Lab & Network  (IEL&N):
    – functionalities
    – network development, role definition of partners
    – implementation Lab&Network using the roadmap
  • IO2: implementing new educational concept on active entrepreneurship training for the target group
    – how to create a shared vision fitting in the (different) educational systems / entrepreneurial contexts
    – information on the outlines of the training concept for active entrepreneurship
    – information on the instructions for guidance and coaching structure
    – roadmap : guide for implementation
  • IO3: Toolbox International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway supported by a data base : the virtual European Ecomlab
    – instructions on the design model Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway
    – instructions on the multimedia data base supporting the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway (process and content) : the virtual Ecom Lab

Innovative elements

Teacher Training program / crash course training

Expected Impact 

  • Trained teams capable of fully implementing the results
  • (sub-)target:
    To train the associated teams in NL, A and D during the course of the project on the necessary competences (certification included).


End result: good practice: as a basic concept for new environments.

What we are working at...

Intellectual Outputs of the Project

EntreComp: new educational concept

EntreComp as the basis for active entrepreneurship education

The International Entrepreneurial Learning Pathway

supported by a multimedia data base within the virtual European Ecomlab fitting in the ECVET system

Teacher/Tutor training

for the project team and the participants of the participating organizations

Our aim is to create a good practice for transnational learning and  provides arguments to fit transnational entrepreneurship learning and teaching in the regular education budgets. Transnational cooperation is deepened within the participating networks,  expanding and integrating new partner networks of new regions can be a next step stimulating transnational education.